Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory Welcomes Mike Zintac To Its Team
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Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory is proud to announce the addition of Mike Zintac to its staff of Welding Experts.

Mike comes to ResWeld with over 37 years of experience in the welding industry; 35 of which were at Entron Controls.  He brings with him a wealth of industry knowledge and experience.

A Graduate of St. Louis University, he holds a Bachelors Degree in Marketing with a Minor in Psychology.  We are excited to add his knowledge & experience to our staff of seasoned professionals serving our customers.

Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory Releases New Nut Weld Sensor theGenius

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Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory (ResWeld) has released its new Nut Weld Sensor theGenius to many accolades.

TheGenius Nut Weld Sensor line features load and guide sensing to assure nuts are perfectly aligned or welding is stopped to prevent winking nuts, off center, or absent nuts prior to weld operations starting.  Customers are raving about theGenius abilities and reasonable cost.

Designed to be mechanical rather than electronic sensing, theGenius simple patented design self adjusts to conditions in weld shops such as dirt and particulate build up on outer surfaces.

With several model and options, theGenius can be customized to meet most nut welding requirements.  Call us today with your Nut Welding requirements and our team can design a solutio to meet your specific needs.

New Frontline Welding Products Nut Welding Heads Debut

Frontline Nut Welding HeadsResistance Welding Machine & Accessory (ResWeld) announced their new Frontline Welding Products Nut Welding Heads are now available for sale to the industry.  Manufactured in-house, the new nut welding heads are guaranteed to your complete satisfaction with the product's new precision fit sleeve, that's heat and wear resistant.  They allow longer weld head life and a cost savings of 15% or more.  The new Frontline Welding Products, nut welding head sleeve will not slip or fall out like other sleeves.  It is available in four different alloys to meet all of your resistance nut welding needs.

The Frontline Welding Products, nut welding heads, have been tested and approved by major U.S. and European auto parts manufacturers.  They are available exclusively through Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory.

Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory Introduces New Product Line

Frontline Weldin ProductsResistance Welding Machine & Accessory (ResWeld) has announced the introduction of a completely new line of products for the resistance welding industry.  The new line, called Frontline Welding Products, will give the industry new options to enhance their welding operations.

ResWeld will manufacture the products in-house to ensure durable quality and timely delivery.  They will be available for sale to the industry shortly.

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