With regional manufacturing locations, ResWeld can provide a broad range of custom parts and supplies to meet the needs of an ever changing industry.  We stock the raw materials to produce products for any need.

Custom Made Solutions

Custom Manufacturing Capabilities

Custom Parts To Meet Your Special Needs

Decades Of Manufacturing Experience

Our seasoned Staff has many years of manufacturing and machining experience to assure you of a quality end product that exceeds your expectations.  We design and manufacture products for demanding customers.
When designing and manufacturing special electrodes, tooling or fixtures, our experienced service technicians work with your engineers to match your exact requirements. All custom designed parts are provided on ACAD drawings for your approval prior to production.
Cutting Raw Copper Billet
Air Cooled Cables
Backup Electrodes
Bent Electrodes
Beryllium Copper
Button Electrodes
Caps and Shanks
Copper Alloys
Chrome Zirconium Copper
Copper Tungsten Material
Crank Electrodes
Cylinder Mounted Holders
Digital Test Instruments
Dual Tip Holders
Electrode Dressers
Electrode Extractors
Electrode Holders
Elkonite Electrodes
Elkonite Backups
Elkonite Tips
Flash Suppressors
Socket Electrodes
Spade Electrodes
Spot Welder Chillers
Spot Welding Guns
Straight Holders
Straight Tips
Stud & Nut Electrodes
Swivel Tips
Threaded Electrodes
TheGenius Nut Welding Holders
Unitrol Soft Touch
Water Cooled Cables
Water Cooling Hose
Water Recirculators
Water Tubes
Weld Caps
Weld Checkers
Weld Force Gauges
Weld Monitors
Weld Transformers
Welder Arms
Welders New & Used
Frontline Welding Products
Gun Type Holders
Kyokutoh Tip Dresser
Kyokutoh Tip Changer
Laminated Shunts
Luvata Braze Welding Wire
Luvata MIG Welding Wire
Mold-Mor 1, 2, 3, 4
Molybdenum Material
Nut Welding Electrodes
Nut Welding Heads
Offset Holders
Paddle Type Holders
Platen-Mounted Holders
Refractory Metals
Resistance Weld Control
RWMA Copper Alloys
Safety Equip
SCR Replacement Units
Seam Welding Wheels
Seki Bolt Feeders
Seki Nut Feeders

Some Of The Products We Specialize In Include:

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Everything For Resistance Welding

Over A Quarter Century - Everything For Spot Welding

We take pride in on time delivery and responsive, knowledgeable service for over a quarter century.
Our regionally located offices assures timely service and product availability.
Copper Alloys and Refractory Metals In Stock For Same Day Shipment
Resistance Welding Machine & Accessory
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Everything For Resistance Welding
Since 1987
United Kingdom
Stock products can be combined with specially machined products to make a perfect fit for your welding needs.
In-house manufacturing offers customers the special products they require through  the application of our knowledge of industry standards and best practices.  We offer alternative strategies to improve weld quality, assist in process and productivity improvements.
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